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Briefly About Mongoose Malus Weight Limit and Not Only That

Which Mongoose Malus weight limit? If you are going to buy a bike but you doubt whether it is suitable for heavy weights then you’d read the article. You’ll get some basic knowledge about Mongoose Malus fat tire bikes. Plus, you’ll have an idea about their weight restraint, and additional features to cast aside any doubts.

What is the weight limit on a Mongoose bike?

To deal with the question of how much weight the Mongoose Malus fat tire bike can maintain, let’s start by saying that the Mongoose Malus is a mountain bike. In this case, it becomes clear that the weight limit for this fat tire bike is the same and makes 250-300 lbs.

Although the manufacturer of the current Mongoose Malus fat tire mountain bike doesn’t indicate the bike’s weight limit, reviews on online platforms indicate that the bike’s weight capacity can withstand even a heavier rider.

One user says that he can ride a fat tire bike perfectly at 360 pounds. Thus, it can be concluded that the Mongoose Malus weight limit varies from 250 to 360 lbs.

What does a big fat bike weight limit depend on?

Agree, not all types of bikes can maintain that much weight. Why is the Mongoose Malus so particular and what makes the weight limit of the bike so impressive?

Go on reading! You’ll find answers, and learn the impressive features of the Mongoose fat bike and everything will be clear.

Mongoose Malus review and reasons for its high weight capacity

Users note many advantages of the bike’s fat tires that ensure excellent balance and stability of the vehicle.

Most Mongoose mountain bikes combine high quality and moderate prices. The Mongoose Malus staunch frame can withstand extreme loads. High-quality painting is difficult to scratch.

Moreover, riders quickly get used to Mongoose Malus bicycles as they are very convenient. The availability of hinged equipment and quality components play a crucial role for those who are going to possess one.

Mongoose Malus weight limit
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So, what makes Mongoose Malus weight limit so significant?

Massive Steel Frame

The Mongoose Malus’ ability to withstand the significant weight limit is largely due to the 18-inch bike frame of high-strength steel. Thanks to a cruiser-style frame, the bike is quite large, stable, and strong.

A durable frame will not bend or deform no matter what terrain you ride. Besides, it’s not as heavy as it may seem.

Stay within the weight restriction and enjoy traveling on Mongoose Malus for years.

Strong Mountain-Bike Style Handlebar

A fat tire mountain bike is produced with a low-rise handlebar. This plays a significant role in holding a bigger load capacity too. Thanks to that low-rise handlebar that is very solid too, even heavier riders have the right athletic body position, and during a long ride, they keep away straining or hurting their backs.

Mongoose Malus weight limit
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So, the Mongoose Malus handlebar build is sturdy and reliable with a low rise that allows to effectively balance the upper body even for extra weight people.

Fat tires

Mongoose Malus weight limit is so solid due to wider tires. Logically, the tire width of 4 inches influences the high weight limit greatly. Moreover, tires are knobby and provide more traction on a road, even if it’s slippery or on other surfaces all year round and during any weather.

Wide tires are also important for balancing your body. Because they work at low pressure, it allows heavier riders to enjoy a comfortable bike ride.

By the way, these oversized tires ensure shock absorption, as unfortunately, the steel frames don’t.

So, Mongoose Malus tires firstly absorb shock and secondly have traction with slippery surfaces. All these help to balance your body and guarantee safe and pleasing trips.

Alloy rims with steel spokes

Fat bikes wide tires are supplemented with alloy rims of 26 inches and a larger number of steel spokes. That’s why the wheel is steady enough to withstand any fat bike rider. This solid construction guarantees safe riding as neither the alloy rims nor the tires will bend or deform if you follow the Mongoose Malus weight limit.

Dual Disc Brakes

A fat tire mountain bike is equipped with reliable dual disc brakes. Brake pads of disc brakes are very forcible, they clamp on the rotors showing more power during braking, and help to control the speed which is very important for heavy-weight people.

Disc brakes don’t become warm fast which is great too as overweight people face the problem of intense brake friction.Thus, perfect management and excellent stopping strength relate to the benefits of the Mongoose Malus.

Mongoose Malus benefit features

Mongoose mountain bikes have another benefit except listed which also add easiness to everyday use and propose safe and comfortable bike riding.

Cruiser-style pedals of Mongoose Malus are designed for stable and satisfying riding on a bike. Cruiser pedals are thick and heavy with resin construction to ensure a stable foothold. At the same time, cruiser-style pedals are usually easily propelling moving a bike easily forward. That increases the overall pleasure of riding despite the terrain.

7-speed shifters also add ease of pedaling because of quickly and smoothly changing the gears. Again, despite the terrain, you can easily change the gears and continue pedaling without pressing harder and not overstraining the muscles.

Fat bike’s threadless headset is easily adjusted according to the necessary height. Thus, not only heavy people can ride Mongoose Malus but tall ones too.

Moreover, the Mongoose Malus fat bike is gender-neutral and suits both men and women.

It’s accessible in four similar variations at an affordable price.

Installation is simple thanks to the included assembly instructions, so you can complete the fine-tuning at home.

You can ride everywhere on Mongoose Malus as the bike frame is durable, disc brakes are reliable, wide tires ensure shock absorption, cruiser pedals are easy to move, and the padded saddle is as comfortable as your favorite home chair.

All these benefits and features multiply the Mongoose Malus weight capacity and set it apart from other bicycles.

Mongoose Dolomite or Mongoose Malus

There is no big contrast uniting the Mongoose Dolomite and the Mongoose Malus: the same steel frames, fat tires, disc brakes, and 7-speed gear shifter.

However, the Dolomite has more weight and carrying capacity and is more suitable for men. While Mongoose Malus weighs 42 lbs. and holds up to 360 lbs., Dolomite weighs 52 lbs. and holds up to 380 lbs. or more.


What is the maximum weight for a mountain bike?

The bike’s limit weight depends on its type. As for a mountain bicycle, it surely can hold 250-300 lbs. But, the posts on online platforms indicate that they withstand even more and are great for heavy people and tall people.

Can I ride a bike at 300 lbs?

Of course, you can ride Mongoose Malus with 300 lbs. Such an indicator is within the limits of permissible norms. The owners of Mongoose Malus state that they easily ride a bicycle on any surface and don’t suffer because of their weight.

Can a 400 pound person ride a bike?

The manufacturer doesn’t indicate whether this weight is OK for riding a Mongoose Malus fat tire bike. Yet, the evidence on the Internet shows that 400 lbs. isn’t enough reason to limit you.

What are the disadvantages of Mongoose Malus?

The only drawback of the fat bike, if you can call it that, is the rather significant Mongoose Malus weight and bulkiness which makes Mongoose Malus difficult to move and store.

In addition to portability, there is another point to mention. Mongoose Malus rides slower compared to other bikes. Mongoose Malus fat tires have more resistance when driving on smooth surfaces, so with the same effort, you’ll still go slower.


So, Mongoose Malus bikes are considered the heaviest two-wheel carriers. And this is the only negative moment. In general, it’s an excellent choice. It’s capable of holding heavy people due to oversized build and oversized tires without damage and deformation of the frame and tires. You won’t be disappointed!

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