Welcome to The Pedal Pace, your source for helpful cycling guides and bike reviews!

A bicycle is not just a means of transportation, it is a true journey. The bicycle gives us excitement, the joy of overcoming difficulties and the freedom of the open road.

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Meet Our Team

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Caroline Wells, our author and a cycling enthusiast since the age of 12! Caroline strives to share the joys, challenges, knowledge and wealth of experience that every cyclist faces along the way in her in-depth bicycling guides. She has tried many bikes over the years and now she does bike reviews and comparisons to help everyone make the best buying choices.

– “From my childhood to this day, the bicycle has been central to my life, bringing me joy, adventure and a sense of freedom like no other.”

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Eric Brabham is a mechanical engineer and a founder of The Pedal Pace. He has always enjoyed taking apart and understanding mechanical systems. This led him to immerse himself in the complex world of bicycles about 8 years ago. The idea for Pedal Pace grew out of Eric’s desire to create a place where cyclists (both beginners and experienced) could find all the information they needed about bicycles and a community of shared enthusiasm.

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Robert Rosas is a great researcher in our team, always getting into cyclists’ questions.

If you have any feedback, questions, want to contribute or even share your story, feel free to email us at info@pedalpace.com.


Ray Dodson is our designer and technical specialist. He has great expertise in web design and development to provide a high level of user experience for our visitors.

Our Team’s Mission

Our mission at Pedal Pace is to help every cyclist who needs advice, and to share our vast experience and knowledge with everyone involved in cycling. We create helpful guides, detailed reviews and comparisons of different bikes, trying to cover all the necessary topics related to bicycling. We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for choosing Pedal Pace as your trusted source!

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